Selecting the Correct Funeral Flowers


There are no right or wrong flowers to send to those who are grieving; there are however some species that are more symbolic than others.

Popular options include gladiolas, carnations, chrysanthemums, roses and lilies.

All of these are favourites when it comes to flower arrangements for funerals and each specie boasts a different meaning, some of which we’ve listed here.

White lilies – The lily itself is a highly versatile flower and one that is suited to an abundance of occasions. However, the white lily is prevalent because it represents peace and restored innocence. The most popular choice for a funeral is the white stargazer lily.


Peace lily plants – These species represent peace, harmony and blamelessness post death. Many Christians believe white peace lilies to be a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Because of this denotation, they are often linked to the Easter holidays and are presented to those who have lost loved ones during this period.


Carnations – These are a popular choice for funeral flowers, mainly because they’re able to stay cool for a long period of time. White carnations represent pure love, while pink carnations symbolise remembrance. This is one of the reasons these two carnation shades are the most prevalent choice for funerals.


Chrysanthemums – In various countries throughout Europe – including the likes of Spain, Hungry, France and Poland – chrysanthemums are exclusively used as funeral flowers. In the United States they are symbolic of truth and in Asia they represent grief. Despite their symbolism, they are viewed in a positive and cheerful light.


Gladioli – This floral specie can grow to an astounding four feet tall. They come in the shape of a stem, comprising multiple flowers. They’re symbolic of moral integrity, strength and character, and are therefore a classic and traditional choice for funerals. They also come in a wide array of colours.


Roses – A specie celebrated for love and roses are without doubt, one of the most adaptable flowers in existence, as each hue has its very own meaning. Red carries the meaning love and respect, white embodies humility and innocence, and pink indicates love and appreciation. Dark crimson meanwhile denotes sorrow and yellow suggests strong ties. Even adding a single rose to a bouquet of flowers is one way to express lasting love.


Orchid Plant – Both white and pink orchid plants are the colours related to eternal love and mourning. Dendrobium orchids and Phalaenopsis species are the most appropriate orchids to offer as sympathy flowers


Apple blossoms – are associated with the future, and again, are a great option to choose when searching for the perfect funeral flowers.


Daffodils and tulips – These two flowers represent a fresh start. They are said to bring hope to those going through a difficult time. Daffodils with their cheery hue have an uplifting effect, whilst tulips come in a range of colours, with each hue boasting a different meaning. Yellow implies cheerfulness; white denotes forgiveness; and red indicates love.


Hydrangea Plant – This plant is not openly associated with funerals; yet despite this, it’s a popular option for those looking for thank you flowers. Because of this, they are also often given to thank someone for being in their life. They can bloom for many years and are very low maintenance, which makes them a good option to gift those who are grieving.


Forget-me-nots – These flowers are a popular choice for funerals, as they are symbolic of remembrance.


Honeysuckles – This specie of plant means generosity and is a great option for those who wish to let others know that they’re there for them.


Mimosas – These plants are representative of sensitivity.


Although there are many flowers associated with funerals, there are no set rules in place. If you wish to choose an arrangement that is personal to the deceased, opt for their favourite colour or a bloom that blossomed in their garden.

As everyone is unique, funeral flowers and arrangements should match the deceased’s personality and character in equal measure.



Special Tributes


If the funeral you’re attending is for a young child, a family member who served in the military or a best friend, a specially made tribute is the most fitting arrangement to choose.


Military Flowers – Military flower arrangements often embody feelings of heroism and peace. This is because fallen soldiers are reflected as heroes. With this in mind, military funerals tend to salute the individual’s service and goals. The most popular tribute is the flag motif. Wreaths are often fashioned using flag colours and use a cluster of blooms to create the fallen soldier’s branch insignia.


Children’s flower arrangements – There’s nothing quite as devastating as losing a child or even someone younger than you. Flower arrangements for children’s funerals shouldn’t be as outmoded as conservative arrangements, and instead, should focus on the deceased’s favourite colours, hobbies and interests. More often than not, florists will create floral arrangements in the shape of teddy bears, footballs, angels and guitars. When considering the many arrangements available, it’s wise to consider the child’s personality. The majority of florists will be more than happy to create bespoke designs based on personal preferences.