Funeral messages should be kept short and sweet and should accompany the funeral flowers.

You can write a few words on a small note card.

These words should be thoughtful but concise. If sending flowers to a close friend or family member, include an additional sympathy card, as this will allow you to say more.

When sending flowers to the funeral parlour, the message on the card attached should be addressed to the deceased, as opposed to the family.

Traditional messages include; ‘may you rest in peace’, ‘good night and god bless’, ‘with love and fond memories’, ‘in loving memory of a dear friend’ and ‘always in our thoughts’.

These short but thoughtful messages allow those attending the funeral to say one last goodbye and are often an important aspect of the remembrance procedure.

Due to this, it’s significant you think long and hard about what it is you wish to say. Don’t be afraid to take your time writing this note.